Fluid Key- 2. Eternal Formless, Pregnant With Possibility (Being Home)

by Paul Willson

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released April 27, 2015

Album Artwork: Copyright © Mark Bryant

All Songs and Lyrics by Paul Willson

Ralph Mason- Drums

Eric Godsey- Synthesizers, Cool Sounds

Kevin Johnson- Tabla and Auxiliary Percussion

Psalm Swarr- Backup Vox

Arielle Swarr- Backup Vox

Paul Willson- Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Vox



all rights reserved


Paul Willson Richmond, Virginia

Paul Willson is based in Richmond, Virginia. He has released one album and three double-albums as a leader/primary composer. His work has been reviewed in RVA Mag and RVA News. Paul's compositions cross into several genres. He sings, plays guitar, fiddle, sarod, and sarangi. ... more

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Track Name: Always a Possibility
You could spend your whole life
Looking for the key
Or simply realize you’re already free
That love is always a possibility

You could spend the moments
Afraid to see them pass
Or remember that that’s only the half
Everything goes but everything is coming

You could spend your whole life
Wedded to one side
Or marry them both and never deny
you belong to the temporal and eternal

always a choice
love is always a possibility
Track Name: Lady
I could see you smile from a mile away
And your light it gently played on my heart

The mark that you made has always stayed with me
You wounded me so tenderly right from the start

I love you

Bodies intertwined
Yours breathed with mine, sweet joy
I laughed like a boy on Christmas morning

All I’d give away
To bathe in this
Beauty and bliss
With you

I love you

don’t you know that
no-one comes close, don’t care what we’re supposed to do
I’d rather choose to be true to this feeling

when I
Was cold and tired
By your fire you let me stay
You remind me the way to the warmth in my heart

I love you

I was afraid of losing you
But you’re deeper in me than that
Any way you wanna be it’s alright with me
I’ll be free for what the moment brings

What can I say
I hope you will stay and share your days with me
Track Name: The Benevolent Heart of the Universe
I love you
You may not feel that I do
But I do
I love you

I love you
You may not believe that it’s true
But it’s true
I love you
I do

I love you
You may not see it come through
But it comes through
Somehow because
I love you
Track Name: When My Eyes Become Lighter
When my body is frail
And my mind is failing
Will I be your embarrassment?

if I speak out of turn
And forget what I’ve learned again
Will you keep a distance between us?
And quietly disown me?

When my hair is white
And eyes become lighter
Will you still recognize me?

If the day comes when
I must depend on you for help
Will you recognize yourself in my eyes?
Will you stay or turn away?

In a way I’m already there
Bare against the spare sky
Even though the sun seems so sure in its light
The faint moon foretells the night

In a way I’m already gone
My spirit’s song is on the wind
Free as it always longed to be
It was never a prisoner in this body
It’s almost time to go
Now’s the time to say goodbye

In a way she’s always been here
So near as to disappear
I must go with her the silent veiled sister
But in a way I’ll always be here

When the life within me leaves my body
Will you be at my side?
Will you send me on my way
with a blessing or rue the day?
Will you try to deny the truth
That to live is to die?
Track Name: Long Lost Lover
I am your long lost lover
I am what you tossed away and rediscovered

hold me in your arms again
drop your guard and your demands
for I may not see your face again

I am what lies at the bottom
Beneath all your hats and coats quickly forgotten

I am not so far away as I seem
I’m as close as can be
So why must it be that you should spend
All your days looking for me?

Don’t say you won’t go with me
I long for you to be mine completely
If you give yourself to me
there will be sparks like you’ve never seen
Track Name: Missira's Lullabye
Sleep, sleep, Missira
Sleep, sleep, let there be quiet

Sleep, sleep, Missira
The world can wait
Don’t you worry
There’s no need

I know you’re tired
From all that you hold
Let it go
And sleep

Sleep, sleep, Missira
Close your eyes
Come into a silent way

I know the mind goes
Wherever it will
Let it still
And sleep

Awaiting you there is an indigo pool
A glistening watery wishing jewel
Submerge to a music so strange and so new
But beautiful and somehow familiar to you

colors shapes textures the depths reveal
the dreams that you dream are already real

Sleep, sleep, Missira
Sleep, sleep, deep in the quiet
Track Name: Song of Blessing (Thanksgiving Song)
Bless our eyes that we may see
a world alive with beauty

Bless our ears that we may hear
love singing each day newly

Bless happy smiles when we are near
Bless our parting sorrow’s tears
Bless all that we receive
May we share it graciously

Bless our minds that we may be
Free in calm and clarity

Bless our hearts that we may sow
Seeds of kindness where we go

Easy now with yourself
Lay your burdens down
Rest awhile in this warmth
Let your soul return

Bless our food that we may get
Nourishment and joy from it

Bless the words we speak this day
That they may brighten our way
Track Name: If You're Going Home
You can hear the sound of the softly mourning dove
Crying low in the weak light of a cloudy day
From the trees a plaintive echo as the leaves they turn and go
So vividly they show but not to stay

You can smell the damp earth in the scent upon the wind singing sore beneath the burden of a heavy sky
And though the mountains seems so strong
they still tremble at the song and resound with the longing
in a silent sigh

If you’re going home you’ve got to go alone
You can share another’s world but only live in your own
Only when you can be with your own mystery
can you claim the fullness of your own power and beauty

You can taste the ocean’s sting in the misty evening
As the sun boldly bleeds in a passion pink
And though the light will fade away, the night anticipates the day and glows in it’s own way at the lonesome brink

If you’re going home you’ve got to go alone
You can share another’s world but only live in your own
Only when you are free for your own mystery
Can you claim the fullness of your own power and beauty