Heaven Reaches: Earth

by Paul Willson

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released November 22, 2013

Max Wareham- Banjo, Vox
Fiona Balestrieri- Flute, Vox
Andy Cleveland- Fiddle
Glenn Sutor- Bouzouki
Stuart Jackson- Uillean Pipes, Whistle
Sean Sutor- Button Accordian, Whistle
Stavros Calos- Fiddle, Mandolin
Psalm Swarr- Backup Vox
Andrew Randazzo- Upright Bass
Paul Willson- Vox, Guitars



all rights reserved


Paul Willson Richmond, Virginia

Paul Willson is based in Richmond, Virginia. He has released one album and three double-albums as a leader/primary composer. His work has been reviewed in RVA Mag and RVA News. Paul's compositions cross into several genres. He sings, plays guitar, fiddle, sarod, and sarangi. ... more

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Track Name: How Sweet It Grows
Sadness how come you come to me
when I’m so happy?

I can hardly complain

It’s such a sweet pain
That you make me feel

Funny how so often a sting
Comes with the most beautiful things

And I can hardly contain
All this sweet pain
That you make me feel

You look just like the beautiful woman you are

Golden as your hair
Sweet as your smile
Deep as your eyes
Warm as your glow

I’m not afraid of the sorrow
Cause it only shows a love as it grows
And you could hardly know
How sweet it grows
For you
And how good you make me feel
Track Name: A Lady I Knew
I never knew where it was that she was from
She had a northern girl’s face
And a southern grace
She’d say any place to her was home

She was known for her kind humor and the strength of her will
She was easy with a laugh but of a heart not to be stilled

Many tried to win her but she would not be won
Desire for her had a many man undone

As a prize they viewed her with lust and greed
But the riches she possessed were much finer indeed

I knew it I could see
When her eyes revealed to me
A tenderness

I spent my days in her warm company
As a gift she gave to me herself freely
And to be certain I was hers

So young and happy we went light and easily
Our hearts knew not a fear
But so brief the time we had, my love and me

Now I know that what comes it goes and must be free
For even as I grasped, she was gone from me
Never more her face was I to see

By her deathbed I prayed most desperately
But a soft light shone in her
She bid farewell most peacefully

I knew that I must be
When her eyes asked of me to be
Strong when she was gone
Track Name: Even So
Every time you go
I mourn your leaving like a dog
Afraid that gone you won’t be back
Even so I know
That you’ve got things to do places to be
And I can’t expect you to give your heart to me

I saw that you were lovely
As anyone could see
But I didn’t see that I was
Falling so easily
I know you’ve gotta go your own way
Even so I wish you would stay

I can’t forget the feeling
Of spending time with you
In your smile and laughter
Such a beautiful light shone through
And a seed in my heart I know
Will remain even if it won’t grow

I’d never try to keep you from where your heart it leads
I’d never truly care for you if love was just a need
You let me know you better than most
And I know you had to have a thick skin
But I long to be closer to you
Baby let me in
Track Name: Leaky Cup
Why pour your heart into a leaky cup
And expect it to fill and brim at the top
You hold out your hands as if to receive
A thing that never could be given

And why go a looking if you cannot see
And expect that somewhere you’ll find beauty
After a hope you chase and you grasp
A thing that never could be gotten

I knew a man who never could be pleased
Not a thing that he did could bring his heart ease
He made himself a fine life with a fine house and wife
But never could he fully live it

I knew a woman who couldn’t find her home
There was no place she’d stay
But always she’d roam
Such a lady to be sure any place could be hers
It was only that she didn’t know it

But I’ve known those too, who’ve awoken to view
A full beauty that is ever-present
It is there you find home and you are never alone
Even when life can be so lonely
Track Name: Heaven Reaches
All the souls that are lost and weary
That fell from or forgot their way
What will become of them
When the last breath of life breathes away
Are they bound to roam forever
In the cold dark and dreary to stay
Where is the love in our hearts
That lights to show us the way

Well I never cared much for Jesus
Like a stranger alone in the crowd
It’s not that my heart wasn’t open
It just never fit somehow

But yet I know I’ve heard a call
And I know it won’t lead me astray
I promise that I will be true
Through the bright and the bleak of my days

If I ever got a glimpse of heaven
It wasn’t a place in the clouds
It was right here and right now
Shining in joy amidst fears and doubts

Just a simple joy we were made for
One that no outcome could mar
There can be no enemies
Cause heaven it reaches so far
Track Name: It Somehow Remains
How could I blame you for leaving
When I asked you to go?

But now that you’ve gone away
I seem to spend every moment looking for you

All the things I thought I knew
Weren’t as true
As the love I have for you

But how could I try to hold you back
Now that you’re on your own path?

I want the best for you
And though I can hardly bear to let you out of my arms
You’re already gone

But I don’t regret it a bit
Even the pain
Oh what a love,
It somehow remains