Heaven Reaches: Sky

by Paul Willson

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released November 22, 2013

Kevin Johnson- Tabla, Drum Set
Devonne Harris- Rhodes, Drum Set
Eric Godsey- Production on "the Chase"
Chad Murla- Backup Vox
Max Wareham- Banjo, Dojo
Andrew Randazzo- Upright Bass
Marcus Tenney- Tenor Saxophone
David Hood- Alto Saxophone
Paul Willson- Vox, Guitars, Sarod



all rights reserved


Paul Willson Richmond, Virginia

Paul Willson is based in Richmond, Virginia. He has released one album and three double-albums as a leader/primary composer. His work has been reviewed in RVA Mag and RVA News. Paul's compositions cross into several genres. He sings, plays guitar, fiddle, sarod, and sarangi. ... more

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Track Name: Oh Sister
Oh my sister
There are fields that are yours to walk
With tall grass to enfold you

Blooming there are flowers
Of every scent and color you could dream
And the air is calm and easy to breathe

You can hear a stream’s soft sounds
In its reflection
You can’t miss your own loveliness


The fruit of life is yours
to eat without fear or worry
in joy and in health all your days

Open as the sky
And patient as the trees it waits for you
Heavy as a cloud, to let fall your rain

You can feel the warm sunshine
And its rays
Will put the light back in your face
Track Name: Tonglen/I Surrender
If tears could express it,
you would cry without end
For all beings who have not
realized their true nature

Arise, oh great heart
boundless bliss
come now in this
hour of need

Hot black heavy breathe in smoke
All suffering take it as yours
Into your care in warm embrace
that all beings may be fulfilled

Breathe out pure heart,
boundless light
Heal us birthright
endless love

I surrender
I surrender

I’d not stay another moment from you

All this time you seemed so hard to find
Waiting here patiently for me

I surrender
Track Name: The Chase
I’m tired of the Chase
When you coming ‘round girl when you gonna let me see your face?
You know I can see you and me so easily
Come on take my hand now let your soul dance with me

You can try to hide your heart
But no matter what you do the world is gonna break it apart
And doesn’t it feel so good to be so real
It can be so easy set your soul free with me

I can’t help it if I fall in love every minute
When the heart is open everything’s got beauty in it
Opening always always breaking always giving and taking
Laughing and crying always living and dying
Is it a joy or a shame a tragedy or a game yes it is I’m happy and afraid to say there’s no other way
It’s the infinity of possibility that makes you and me and makes us as free as we dare to be

Somehow I knew that my dream would come true but still I can’t believe I’m making love with you
I had a feeling I was so sure that you were the one I’d been looking for
I don’t believe that we can go wrong
There’s such a love and a trust between us
Track Name: I'd Disappear
I’d Disappear

Living in a crypt I guess I got used to it
Vacant bodies, and their lonesome spirits

I promised I wouldn’t stay but I couldn’t stay away
I’d just disappear down there

Breathe your love into this body
Let it in, cold tired you’ll warm again
Anytime, everytime, I’ll be here
There’s no reason to fear

Tired of the daylight I tried to banish the sight
But it found holes in all of my black curtains
Still I could not believe that I could ever be free
So I’d disappear down there

In my dreams all the things that I’d seen
Even if they came true would be burdensome too
Just one thing to be and another to do
Endless trials of energy I’ve been bound to
Track Name: Wounds of Light
Often in the early hours
Comes a longing from inside
That the garments of the day to day have not yet come to hide
Don’t you recognize me?

I had tried to tell the feeling
That’s been knocking at my door
No I’m sorry but I’m not the one that you’ve been looking for
Won’t you leave me in peace?

But if colors are the wounds of light
Then wouldn’t it be a pretty sight
To see yourself exactly as you are
Cause every pain can bring to you another shade another hue
To dream up a beautiful life

Often in the evening hours
When the day is nearly done
In the quiet there’s no longer battles to be lost or won
Lay down your sword and your shield

I had tried so hard to find
A single perfect place to stand
But if you’re honest then you’ll move and can’t say where you’ll land
You know, you don’t have to know

Cause if colors are the wounds of light
Then wouldn’t it be a pretty sight
To see yourself exactly as you are
Cause every pain can bring to you another shade another hue
To dream up a beautiful life
Track Name: In or Out
In or Out
From the outside looking in
Oh how everything wears thin
And the life inside you fades
As the colors lose their shades

There’s a person always wincing
Cause he half expects the worst
Wading through the world
As if a prisoner in its murk

‘cause he can’t believe what is true and plain to see
leery bleary-eyed and only looking for relief
but the one who binds the hands
is the same who sets them free
you can either drag your feet
or melt into the sea

from the inside what is out?
Not at all and even doubt
Is just a part of the rest
A necessary test
And a tool to pave the way
To feel into the real
And drop the shells that we don’t need
Track Name: At Love's Mercy
Morning is a friend I’ll never see again
If I keep sleeping this way
Wake up with a weight stuck
Half way through today

I just wanna hold you
I just wanna hold you in my arms
But its time to go
and I know I’d just be doing us harm

How can I be near if you’re not really here?
What good can it do to try to find you
When you’re hiding away from yourself?

There’s so many choices
But there’s still so much that you can’t decide
Crying like a child please can I get off the ride
All I know is I’ll be at love’s mercy
I lay myself down
I know that I don’t know where it goes
But I’ll go

So much for your plans
And to try to understand
I don’t believe you can
I’ll follow where it leads
Cause in the end I’ll be
At love’s mercy
Track Name: Not An Ending, Just Goodbye
Time to say goodbye, not so heavy-hearted
Though we’re here and then we’re gone,
Never truly parted

If you ask my name I’m not sure I could say
To try so hard to be someone
Always fixed on a line, what did you find?
And is it really what you hoped?

Do you know what it is to be free?
To live in a world full of love and beauty

Always its bound to change, never the same
But really only rearranged
And though there are so many goodbyes,
You don’t have to try to hold onto the world so tight

I couldn’t bear to see you go
And to live with my own shadow
I thought the darkness would swallow me whole
I was sure there was nothing more
‘til I felt an embrace I’d not felt before
I knew that it was what I was looking for

Time to make your way, don’t you be afraid now

Where does your deepest longing point you towards?
What choice do we have but to heed or to ignore?

A chance to start anew, if you only choose to
All the things you can’t control cannot hold you back

But live this life not as your own, not yours alone
A gift to tend but not to own
When all your days have gone by and its time to die
Its not an ending just goodbye
Track Name: The Benevolent Heart of the Universe
I love you
No matter what you do, I love you

I love you
No matter what you know, I love you

I love you
No matter where you go, I love you

I love you