Fluid Key- 1. Ever​-​changing Forms of its Children (Journey of Becoming)

by Paul Willson

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About artwork:

"in the front image, the black & white being (who is actually many beings) has ingested the fluid key of awakening. In this back image the fluid key has completed its transformation and it floats in the center of the universal yoni-womb which gives birth to the clear eye of seeing and color which in turn brings the many other eyes into rhythmic balance and true vision. This womb of generation and regeneration then surrounds itself with the endless circular flow of the cosmic river, eternally flowing into and out of itself... the source of all life. Form within the formless. Balance within boundlessness" - Mark Bryant


released April 27, 2015

Album Artwork: Copyright © Mark Bryant

All Songs and Lyrics by Paul Willson

Ralph Mason- Drums

Eric Godsey- Synthesizers, Cool Sounds

Kevin Johnson- Tabla and Auxiliary Percussion

Psalm Swarr- Backup Vox

Paul Willson- Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Vox



all rights reserved


Paul Willson Richmond, Virginia

Paul Willson is based in Richmond, Virginia. He has released one album and three double-albums as a leader/primary composer. His work has been reviewed in RVA Mag and RVA News. Paul's compositions cross into several genres. He sings, plays guitar, fiddle, sarod, and sarangi. ... more

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Track Name: Who Will Bear the Torch's Light?
Welcome to each one of you
Now that we have arrived
Won’t you come in from the wintry wind
We will gather inside

The hour is close we must make the most
Of the time before it is gone
As the fire grows small it is easy to fall
Asleep but we must press on

Who will bear the torch’s light
Through the darkness of the night
If not us?

When to listen when to heed
To the suffering and need
If not now?

Who will act upon the part
Of longing deep within your heart
If not you?

Who will come to realize
The visions of our dreaming eyes
If not us?
Track Name: Come Into My Life
Come into my life
Don’t be afraid to be
Closer to me

I can’t say that I know
how it will go
But I know

Something’s there that draws me
I would like to know you
Better than I do

You’ve been hurt before and so have I
But isn’t that the way it is to be alive?

I can’t promise that you’d be safe
Any more than I could
Promise I would

I can’t say that I’m sure
Romance is pure
But I’m sure

The spring of your beauty
Will never run dry
In my eyes

Yes its true that feelings come and feelings go
But love remembers beauty when it doesn’t show

Let me come into your life
There’s no need to be
Guarded with me

Whatever comes I promise
To you this
I promise

I will care for you
no matter the end
You won’t lose a friend
Track Name: If Your Heart Still Beats (Where Are You Avalokiteshvara?)
How can we answer for all of this?
In our hearts didn’t we know what we did?

Do you hear the voices?
Can you see the need?
Do you know we share it?
Does your heart still beat?

Who will tend the wounds of this world? Where is the salve? Where are you Avalokiteshvara?

I hear you
I have always been here
I am the medicine you need
I will never be apart from you

if you hear the voices
if you see the need
if you simply share it
if your heart still beats
Track Name: It's Just
There's no reason I should be surprised
I felt it coming for a long time
but oh darling, it tears me apart just the same

oft-times I've pondered on our many goodbyes
but I'm so tired of thinking I just sigh

cause you can tie your thoughts in all kinds of knots
but what is there to do
when the one you love doesn't love you

You barely seemed 19 you were so young and green
much of love you had not seen
but oh darling, I had to be the one to break your heart

you loved me completely like a child so sweetly
I tore your innocence when you gave it to me

cause you can be so perfectly lovely
but what is there to do
when the one you love doesn't love you

But it would be more honest to say
that i did love you then much the same way
that you love me now
its just that you don't love me the way I love you
Track Name: Don't You Know
Think what you will
Say what you may
Try as you might to keep it away
To keep it at bay
To push it below
To hide it inside so it won’t show

Don’t you know
There are things too big to hold

Want what you will
Take what you can
Try as you might to hold in your hands
To make all your plans
For how it should be
What you don’t have
Is all you see

Don’t be so
Sure the mind knows what’s best
For the soul

Through the twists and turns
Round the corner
Through the cracks
You can catch a glimpse
Track Name: Calling You By Name
Where have you been all this time I’ve been waiting here alone?
Waiting for the day that you claim me as your own
I began to think that you would never come
But in the end, it was only a matter of when

Creeping through the hollow, Skulking in the shadows
You’re our forgotten child and estranged parent
Wailing when the wind blows hanging from the gallows
We tried to cut you out
We are afraid of you

I don’t understand this romance that I have with you
You make me feel so alive but you tear me in two
Everywhere I go I know that you are close
I can see your face, I can feel your embrace

Creeping through the hollow, Skulking in the shadows
You’re our forgotten child and estranged parent
Wailing when the wind blows hanging from the gallows
We tried to cut you out
We are afraid of you

How strange to deny her voice
When she keeps calling you by name

Come into my arms
I’ve been waiting for you
Track Name: I Would Not Keep You
Though I may wish to I would not keep you my friend
But in such joyful company how quickly we reach its end

Deep in the forest a shadow and voice is casting a spell
In this darkness can be found riches profound
But don’t linger lest it drag you down

Though I may miss you I’d not hold onto our time
The wealth of your gifts is the world’s and not just mine

Deep in the vale lives a tree just a pale kiss of light does it know
In the humus down below decay gives way to growth
Let it lift you towards the sun’s glow

If you will to be filled
Let yourself be empty
awaken and set yourself free

If you’re in search of love
Let it flood your heart like blood
Open and so will it be

Though it may break you so will it make you again
It matters not the end but that you can continue to begin
Track Name: Into The Forest
Have you been crossing your fingers
Or saying a prayer
Hoping that something or someone
Will take you there

Take your time to find
And settle in your nest
But once you have you've got to go
Into the forest

I know you want to stay
But the child must leave the womb
For its birthday

White wisps of flowers
May float on the breeze
And yet you don't water your
Lustrous red seeds
I feel the heat of the flaming trees
I'll follow where they lead

What could be said of where you'll be led
It's no place you have known
But the entrance is here
It won't disappear
Even if it gets overgrown

I know you want to stay
But so must we all pass some day

When you go below
You'll be amazed at what you'll find
When you let go the mind
The underworld, the night
Is full of a light you can't see with your day sight

I wish that you could come with me
And share this journey
But I know it can't be

We're just two leaves
Of the same tree
The same electricity

One purple, one green

Momentarily paired
Rocking gently with the air

If our paths don't cross again
I'll meet you there